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Japanese indigo stencil dyeing [Ai-gatazome]

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The origins of Aizome [ means indigo dyeing : probably originated in Nara Era : A .D, 8] and Katazome[ means the dye method of using patterns : probably originated in Muromachi Era : A .D, 15, 16 ]are not obscure , however , both of them have been continuously used as typical Japanese dye methods for centuries .
Ai-gatazome developed from Aizome and Katazome and it has been one of the most popular dye techniques in Japan .
Nagaita-chugata [means Japanese traditional summer wear called Yukata ] is one of the most typical dye works of Ai-gatazome and it has been familiar with Japanese people .
However , there are a few craftsman and artist who mastered the traditional techniques Ai-gatazome in present . The masterpieces of Ai-gatazome must be created by the craftsman and artist with excellent techniques of it .

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